The Privilege

Many times seems we prefer more to be virtual than reality. And it seems that it makes sense when we live in a world that consumes a lot of energy justifying what does not exist.

Every time our bank account registers a movement, we are validating and perpetuating an economic system based on
debt. Every time we buy a product, we invest in a company that has been registered in a property registry to validate its existence. We can appropriate an idea if we patent it. Some artists have even created certificates to speculate on the value of ideas without having to represent them. All our expressions and culture are prostituted dancing to the capricious rhythm of a totally indefinite market. Speculation and debt. All our development is based on a constant loss of energy to justify something totally non-existent. The property system.

The property system is a delusion, a primitive instinct that has lost all its meaning. Perhaps when we lived in a cave it made sense to defend what belonged to us for our humble survival. But what is the point of belonging to a nation today?

Property or belonging is something that is instilled in us since we learn to speak. That keeps us divided totally unconsciously because it is rooted in the structure of language. That places us in a specific identity without even having to consider it. Whether it’s because of our gender or our culture. But it only serves to keep us divided. Why would we divide the world into nations, such arbitrary pieces of land, if we all knew that it belongs to us in its entirety?

The interest of the division comes from the one who pretends to have something in a property. To strengthen that idea, a collective belief is needed. Our entire system of laws upholds this belief without you even having to be aware that you believe in it. For people to feel and understand property as truth, they have to feel that they belong to a social group, either because of pride or stigmatization. But everything is thought to always keep some more privileged than others.

The capitalist property system hides that for someone to accumulate more than others, there are others who have to be slaves. So that you don’t feel like a slave, they allow you to be a small owner. Owner of something that already belonged to you, ironically. But that, in addition, since you have it you are afraid of losing it.

It seems incredible that someone can pretend to own something when we know that everything that exists is going to be temporary. That although we all know that we are going to die, we can worry so much about our belongings.

  • Jofre Oliveras
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  • Jofre Oliveras