Power Tower

Installation made in Pals beach, province of Girona. Is a protest against the sentences that the Spanish justice is decreeing to the people of @t66_judici who demonstrated against the MAT Towers, harmful Transmission Towers which were built through lobbies and bribes to politicians.

A few months ago these towers fell down as a result of a storm but this was not published in any media. Curiously when we built our wooden tower, a person in charge of the Environment of the Town Hall appeared and declared that this installation was totally illegal and it couldn’t stay there in case it could fall with the wind or hurt someone on the beach. The government wants to remove our tower because it is dangerous but MAT Towers that are a big danger to the natural environment (and more dangerous for people than our installation) are allowed to continue there. We left our ‘Power Tower’ there because our power is disobedience.