Jofre Oliveras is a Spanish visual artist and activist identified for work social art applied to the public space. He works with different kinds of techniques that often are conditioned by the context because in his work the realization of an idea implies the assimilation of a new connection with space. His research can come from the fine arts going through the use of any kind of process and materials. 

His work consists of an investigation of contemporary societies to generate critique and debate of the power conflicts seen in the most common attitudes and behaviors of the different communities. Therefore Jofre Oliveras thinks that art must be a tool to define the needs for change in people, society, and the historical context.

Exhibitions & Festivals

2021 Sept. / oct. – Lebanon: Mural for Underline Project.
2021 Agoust – Jordan: Mural for Underline Project
2021 July – Mural for Rocaumbert Fabrica de les Arts. 
2021 June – Portugal: WOOL Festival.
2021 May – Mural for Konvent Ruïnes, Konvent.
2021 April – Posttraumatic.

2020 December – France: Residence La Providence in Ille-sur-Tet.
2020 October – Portugal: WOOL Festival.
2020 July – Home Mural Festival, Void Projects.
2020 June – UK: Lavazza TOwardTOmorrow Awards Finalist.
2020 May – United Kingdom: Nuart Aberdeen Festival Lock Down Edition.

2019 December – Miami: Art Basel Exhibition by Juxtapoz Magazine.
2019 December – Miami: Void Projects, Homeless Exhibition.
2019 November – Barcelona: B-Murals, Tàpia Exhibition.
2019 October – Production of the largest mural in Catalonia at Cooperativa Ivars.
2019 September – Italy: Memorie Urbane Festival.
2019 September – Norway: Nuart Festival.
2019 July – Mural for Konvent.
2019 June – Installation in Sant Miquel neighborhood  in Olot.
2019 March – Murals for Sant Joan school, Berga.
2019 January – Morocco: Interventions in the public space Chef-Chauen.

2018 December – Miami: Meaningless, Exhibition Art Basel by Juxtapoz Magazine.
2018 December – Miami: Void Projects Homeless Exhibition.
2018 November – Installation for the Art & Gavarres festival.
2018 October – Tenerife: Workshop at Fine Arts University with Urvanity.
2018 September – Creença Exhibition in Konvent.
2018 August – MUR Manresa Festival.
2018 July – MIAU Festival, Castellón.

2017 August – Zaragoza Asalto Festival.
2017 July – MIAU Festival of Fanzara, Castellón.
2017 May – Gar-Gar Penelles Festival.
2017 February – Exhibition Museu de la Mediterrània, Torroella de Montgrí.
2017 January – Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani Girona: Lloc, Memòria i Salicornia.

2016 May – Girona Temps de Flors.
2016 March – France: Videoformes Festival in Clermond-Ferrand.

2015 September – The Grand Tour, Nau Côclea.
2015 June – Festival Milestone Project Girona.

2014 January – Pepe Sales Girona Festival.

2013 April – Girona: Art Cluster Exhibition at History Museum.