Jofre Oliveras identifies himself as an explorer, landscaper, and activist. His academic studies in philosophy and communication initiate him in language study. In this way, his artistic career is always marked by using art as a communication tool with a social focus. The main medium of the artist’s work is the public space. That is why his creative development has led him to organize cultural proposals with political involvement.
His community-based and self-sufficiency lifestyle lead him to become part of Konvent, a cultural and artistic residency space that is organized by a big community. The artist has produced works and organized events with an international trajectory. We can highlight his career in the muralism sector, as a realist painter, but his interest is more in the development of ideas than in the technique itself. In fact, in the artist’s work, the technique is usually a way to express and learn, beyond the reason to create itself.
The realization of an idea in his works involves the creation of a new connection with space. That is why his research goes through an itinerary and the exploration of new contexts. This is how we can see the influence of a classical expression linked to Mediterranean culture, and the use of many different types of creative processes and materials inspired by the landscape.


2022 Colombia: Great Oven
2022 Spain: Great Oven x Mixmag x Konvent
2022 UK: Nuart Aberdeen.
2022 Lebanon: Underline Project.
2022 Posttraumatic.

2021 Lebanon: Underline Project.
2021 Jordan: Underline Project.
2021 Spain: Mural for Rocaumbert FA. 
2021 Portugal: WOOL.
2021 Spain: Mural for Konvent.
2021 Posttraumatic.

2020 France: La Providence, Ille-sur-Tet.
2020 Portugal: WOOL.
2020 Home, Void Projects.
2020 UK: Nuart Aberdeen LockDown Edition.

2019 USA: Art Basel Miami Exhibition by Juxtapoz.
2019 USA:  Homeless, Void Projects,.
2019 Spain: Tàpia Exhibition, B-Murals.
2019 Spain: Large-scale mural in Cooperativa Ivars.
2019 Italy: Memorie Urbane.
2019 Norway: Nuart.
2019 Spain: Mural for Konvent.
2019 Spain: Installation in Olot.
2019 Spain: Sant Joan school murals, Berga.
2019 Morocco: Chef-Chauen Interventions.

2018 USA: Meaningless, Void Projects & Juxtapoz.
2018 USA: Homeless, Void Projects.
2018 Spain: Art & Gavarres.
2018 Spain: Urvanity Tenerife Fine Arts University.
2018 Spain: Creença, Konvent.
2018 Spain: MUR Manresa.
2018 Spain: MIAU Fanzara.

2017 Spain: Asalto, Zaragoza.
2017 Spain: MIAU Fanzara.
2017 Spain: Gar-Gar Penelles.
2017 Spain: Museu de la Mediterrània.
2017 Spain: Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani: Lloc, Memòria i Salicornia.

2016 Spain: Girona Temps de Flors.
2016 France: Videoformes, Clermond-Ferrand.

2015 Spain: Grand Tour, Nau Côclea.
2015 Spain: Milestone Project Girona.

2014 Spain: Pepe Sales, Girona.

2013 Spain: Art Cluster, Girona’s History Museum.

  • Jofre Oliveras
  • Jofre Oliveras