Category: Landscape

  • Illegal Tower

    This installation is an illegal intervention in the urbanized rural landscape. The high voltage tower is an element that visually contaminates the landscape by interposing architectural structures that have no aesthetic purpose. The intention of this intervention is the appropriation of this urban element with very basic functionality to give it an aesthetic contemplation. The […]

  • Power Tower

    Installation made in Pals beach, province of Girona. Is a protest against the sentences that the Spanish justice is decreeing to the people of @t66_judici who demonstrated against the MAT Towers, harmful Transmission Towers which were built through lobbies and bribes to politicians. A few months ago these towers fell down as a result of a storm […]

  • Nest

    This work is based on bioconstruction with vegetable latticework and reflects on the fragility of the home concept. The context is a burned forest of which only a pine tree survived on that summit. We made a gardening job pruning the tree, and we work the structure of the nest under the trunk to raise […]

  • Creença

    Jofre Oliveras and Stefan Krische collaborate for an installation exploring the psychology of Power adopted by the church. In experimentation with scale and media, they attempt a mirroring what they perceive to be the methods used to condition an emotional response. Using the symbol of the cross, the artists create an imposing icon inside of the chapel at […]

  • Fireplace

    The fireplace was the first home, without the heat of fire it would be impossible to survive in many situations. This installation is making more evident the home essence, and at the same time, the building is attempted to be burned. When we burn home we are manifesting the need to build new lifestyle concepts, […]