Beholders / Norway

Mural made at Stavanger for Nuart a timely look at the ongoing migrant crisis. On one side there is the passive position of the observer, on the other side, there is the position of the artist. Both act as beholders of the critical situation. With sunken ships being paraded at Bienalles as art, this is a direct shot at both the art establishment and the media coverage of these tragic events. Now we are one week before the elections of the new government in the city and we’re almost shocked by the recent post by Sylvi Listhaug a politician of Norway who was using an image with similar rhetoric to the mural (the image is shown in the last picture of this post), but where people are claimed to refuse the immigrants. The text of the post says: Norway should not accept immigrants.
Seems the best moment to talk about the migrant crisis and the position we are taking part in.