Category: Mural

  • The Column / Jordan

    This mural talks about our individual responsibility in society. It has opposite interpretations depending on the beholder because the same image can be oppressing or empowering people. The capital is a symbol of cultural heritage, in this image, it’s one of the Nabatean columns of Petra. The mural shows local cultural elements but it also […]

  • Renaissance / Spain

    It is an image that represents both life and death. A historical photograph of the village of Ginast, Huesca (Spain), where you can see the last calf that was born in this town before the tragic death of all the cows. This birth tells us about the hardest part of birth where people were intervening […]

  • American Dream / USA

    This represents a real homeless from Miami painted on an abandoned asylum in the Liberty City neighborhood, one humble neighborhood of Miami. The city is well known for its tourist nightlife, the sun and beaches, Wynwood murals, and Art Basel. But there is a more realistic face of Miami that we can see through people […]

  • Beholders / Norway

    Beholders / Norway

    Mural made at Stavanger for Nuart a timely look at the ongoing migrant crisis. On one side there is the passive position of the observer, on the other side, there is the position of the artist. Both act as beholders of the critical situation. With sunken ships being paraded at Bienalles as art, this is a […]

  • The Fall / Konvent

    The fall, build on the ruins of an empire. A concept that is evident between the walls of Konvent and the abandoned factory of Cal Rosal. Where utopia becomes reality and being local is being universal.