Category: Actions

  • RUINS: Squat Museum Beirut

    Beirut is a concrete city, full of abandoned buildings. Empty places as a result of urban speculation coexisting with a high rate of homeless people. This project is based on the reuse of this forgotten spaces, to reclaim the right of use for the people of the city. We have worked on an exhibition with […]

  • Violence Invasion

    This action invades the street with an inflatable tank as a claim for children. It represents the violence established in education. In how a patriarchal system based on violence is perpetuated through the inculcation of aggressiveness or desensitization in the game. This cruelty is perpetuated from very innocent toys that already encourage gender roles, to […]

  • The Privilege

    Many times seems we prefer more to be virtual than reality. And it seems that it makes sense when we live in a world that consumes a lot of energy justifying what does not exist. Every time our bank account registers a movement, we are validating and perpetuating an economic system based ondebt. Every time […]

  • Unsigned

    This was a live performance created with 1UP Crew for the Nuart exhibition. After one week of work during the production days of the festival, I create a fake gallery with various big canvases representing classic motives. The idea was to boycott my own exhibition with an explosion of red graffiti paint. On one side is the destruction […]

  • Subliminal Messages

    This action is based on a reflection on our individual participation in the economy. The banknote is used as the medium to provoke a situation that makes evident our political position in a passive way. When you receive the banknote, on one hand, there is a subliminal reading of the message inherent in the manipulated […]

  • Borders

    Breaking fences as an aesthetic proposal.

  • Recycling Food

    Prepare a succulent still life of food found in the garbage. After many years of collecting food in the garbage and building food harvesting networks, I was able to see the great amount of good food that I could get by collecting in the containers of the European countries. I came to the conclusion that […]